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About Us

Denise A. Cestone Founder & CEO

Denise A. Cestone, Founder and CEO of Increase Your Credit Score, LLC, is a nationally recognized expert on Credit Repair, Credit Scoring and Debt Reduction. In addition, her expertise includes FDCPA, FCRA, Collections, Account Receivable Management and Collection Agency Management. Denise serves as a subject matter expert for investors and serves as an expert consultant for those involved in credit litigation.

A wife and mom, including two cats, Denise lives just outside NYC in Northern NJ with her family. She is a speaker, Author, Credit Repair Coach and Mentor. Denise works exclusively with Consumers, Mortgage Professionals and Real Estate Professionals focusing on increasing credit scores so people can get what they want…FAST.

Known for her Bottom Line RESULTS and ability to Increase Credit Scores FAST, it’s no surprise she has attained the following credentials.

  • Executive at TransUnion, American Express, Citibank & NCO financial Systems, Inc.
  • M.B.A.
  • Undergraduate Degree in Finance & Economics
  • Expertise in Credit Repair, Credit, Collections, Budgeting, Cash Flow Management and Spending Addictions.
  • Guest speaker appearing on cable programs such as Money Talks
  • Radio Guest on Voice America
  • Regularly featured in publications include Credit and Collections Risk Magazine, Success Magazine and Working Women Magazine
  • One of the founding members of the ACA International Credit Task Force. This is a worldwide trade organization that consists of credit and collection professionals who assist in educating over one million credit grantors about new and pending legislation that affects the lending industry.


Vincent R. Cestone, COO

Vincent R. Cestone joined Increase Your Credit Score, LLC as COO in 2013. It’s Vincents’ 30 years of expertise in full spectrum, A-Z, business operations and management that makes him the perfect complement to the organization. As a third generation, family business owner and his down to earth, no judgement communication style, clients are very comfortable working thru the credit repair process without any fear or embarrassment.

Vincent currently manages customer acquisition and operations to ensure each customer receives first quality service, along with an Increased Credit Score that allows them to qualify for the loan they want … FAST

A Husband, Dad, including two cats, Vincent lives just outside NYC in Northern NJ with his family. He is a speaker, Credit Repair and Cash Flow Management Expert. Vincent works exclusively with Consumers, Mortgage Professionals and Real Estate Professionals focusing on increasing credit scores so people can get what they want…FAST.

Vincents’ experience speaks for itself and he has attained the following credentials.

Photo Of Vincent Cestone, COO Of A Debt Negotiation Service In New Jersey - Increase Your Credit Score, LLC
  • Business Owner since 1988
  • Founded a subsidiary business to the well know family business
  • Summer Intern to his families construction Companies
  • B.S. Civil Engineering
  • Expertise in credit repair, budgeting, estimating, financial analysis & planning, bidding, project management, health & safety and quality control
  • Founded and a Trustee to a Non for Profit Family Foundation


Who Is Increase Your Credit Score?
Exterior Picture Of A Credit Counseling Service In New Jersey - Increase Your Credit Score, LLC
Since 2006, Increase Your Credit Score has been cleaning up credit reports and raising credit scores so clients can qualify for low interest mortgages and loans where before their too low of a score prevented them from qualifying. At Increase your Credit Score, we perform the work for our clients UP FRONT within the first 1-2 months (not over a course of 8 – 14 months like most others) Because we know our clients want to buy a home or get a loan now not next year.Our Founder, Denise A. Cestone, was a former TransUnion Executive. Because of this, she knows exactly, step by step what to do to clean up credit while increasing credit scores. There are no gimmicks or tricks. There is pure knowledge and expertise that Denise possess’ and utilizes to help people live happier lives. That’s her #1 Goal; helping people live happier, healthier lives. The way she does it is thru credit repair.We are completely committed to assisting you in ensuring you stay on the right path of lifelong financial success. This means educating you and going above-and-beyond. Our number one priority is you, our customer. We get to know you by learning your entire story, which enables us to provide you with only the best services and solutions tailored to your needs.

Increase Your Credit Score is a family operated firm located 30 minutes outside of NYC.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of expertise and service has garnered outstanding results for our clients, partners and their clients. We guarantee it!

When you finish with us, you will confidently leave knowing a long-lasting change in your financial life has been made – a change that will make you happier and financially healthier.

You have the right to reach your financial dream. At Increase Your Credit Score, we help get you there.

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