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Credit Counseling in Caldwell, Newark, and Fairfield, NJ

Achieving and maintaining an excellent credit score can be hard to do—however, it can be accomplished. At Increase Your Credit Score, LLC, your credit counseling team can help you reshape your credit and offer you the tools necessary to help maintain it. We want to set you up for success—which is why our unique counseling module and inside know-how will help you settle debts with your creditors.

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When it comes to your financial well-being, understanding your credit report is important. If you have been denied a loan, mortgage, or have been required to use a co-signer, then it may be time to get help from an outside resource. Increase Your Credit Score, LLC offers credit counseling services that can help you develop a better understanding of what credit it is, where you stand, and how to get back in financial shape.

How Credit Counseling Can Help?

Credit counseling can offer different avenues for those who are drowning in debt. It gives those who can’t seem to get a grip on finances a chance to better improve their financial and credit status. The counselors at Increase Your Credit Score, LLC will do the following:

  • Negotiate: Act as a liaison between you and your creditors. Helping you negotiate a monthly payment that you can afford.
  • Review Your Credit Report: Counselors will review your credit report and look for any discrepancies they might find.
  • Develop a plan: Based on your income, timeframe, and the amount of debt—your counselor will help you formulate an affordable plan that will move the process of credit healing along.

When it comes to credit counseling, it’s important to build a relationship with someone you trust. At Increase Your Credit Score, LLC we are not about judging your past mistakes, but helping you solidify the future by avoiding financial mishaps.

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