Credit Repair Eligibility

According to the credit bureau, Experian, at least one-third of Americans have bad credit. Credit is a critical piece to maintaining financial health. If you have difficulty understanding credit or need help to navigate how to fix it, let Increase Your Credit Score, LLC help you.

Why Good Credit is Important

Your creditworthiness helps banks and lenders determine if you’re a high-risk factor. In other words, they use your credit score to determine if you’re likely to default on the loan. Your credit score can be used for virtually everything, such as:

  • Apartment renting
  • New job
  • Car loan
  • Utilities

When you open a line of credit—albeit a loan, gas bill, or credit card—the assumption is that you will pay back the debt you accumulate over time. The more debt you have, the less income and assets will be available to obtain new lines of credit—this is called debt-to-income ratio. Keeping the debt-to-income ratio low will increase your credit score and evenly balance your lines of credit with the income you have.

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