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Our Guarantee

The Increase Your Credit Score 90 Day Guarantee Policy
If you are not satisfied, please just tell us why and we will refund your money.
This guarantee is effective for 90 days from date of enrollment and applicable to current, active clients who have met their obligations under the terms of our contract. This guarantee is not meant to imply a guarantee of a specific outcome.
The Basic Package carries no term and no guarantee from Increase Your Credit Score LLC. (Company). Company does not provide any guarantee or refund policy as the Client is performing all their dispute communication and “credit repair” on their own.

Insights on our Guarantee Policy
We believe service to you our customer is paramount. We stand by our risk-free guarantee. Unfortunately, some other credit repair companies do not.
We really mean what we say. If during the first 90 days, you are not happy, we will refund your money.
No one in our business can predict specific outcomes since credit repair formulas change quite often. We can promise to do everything possible to get you what you want…FAST!
We offer over 30 years of experience from working directly for the credit bureaus to being in the industry. This enable us to have a completely focused approach to your credit repair. We know what works, and are dedicated to doing our job in a professional results focused manner.
We work strategically and hard to provide you with an exceptional customer experience and we believe you have the right to expect that from us. This guarantee is one of our ways of standing behind the work that we do.

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