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Credit Repair Services in Caldwell, NJ and Surrounding Areas

Since 2006, Increase Your Credit Score, LLC has been assisting clients in credit repair service so they can qualify for the best interest rates on loans and mortgages. Founded by a former TransUnion executive, we understand credit scores inside and out, and we work fast to get your score back on track.

Credit Repair Services

Our fast credit repair process begins with receiving your credit report from all three bureaus. We will then conduct a thorough examination of each report, taking note of anything that could be negatively impacting your score. Next, we will prioritize the factors that are negatively affecting your score, so that we can deal with the most detrimental issues first. We will go over these negative factors with you so that you have a complete understanding of the situation. Some of the negative factors we help you address will include bankruptcy notes, foreclosure indications, late payments on notes, collection accounts, and judgments or liens of public record.

We dispute any negative items on your report, documenting every step of the process. We work to expedite the dispute process so that you get results fast! After we analyze the results of the dispute process, we will repeat the process as needed. Once your credit report is in its best possible shape, we will consult with you to discuss how to maintain your report and keep a strong score. Within 60 days, we see a 60-100 point increase in credit scores on average.

Credit Report Clean Up

Credit reports are notorious for having errors because of so many different factors. We are experts at finding those errors and getting them removed or changed to good standing on your report. We have extensive experience in removing even the most difficult negative items from credit reports as well as having these items amended so that they don’t harm your score. We stand behind the work we do to improve your credit score, and back it up with our money back guarantee.

Credit Counseling Services

Our goal is to help you achieve the score you deserve and to help you maintain that score once you have obtained it. We offer credit counseling services to help keep your credit score on track. With our Tune-Up service, we will check back over credit reports that we have previously improved to be sure that they are still in great shape. We advise receiving this service once per year, or after any major event that could impact your credit score such as marriage, divorce, obtaining a loan, buying or selling a home, and searching for a job. If you have specific questions about your report but aren’t ready to sign up for repair services, our Subject Matter Expert Advice service allows you to consult confidentially with our founder and discuss any credit issues you have.

Debt Repayment/Settlement/Negotiation

Debt repayment involves paying back money that you have borrowed within a set period of time. Typically, you pay back not only the funds you borrowed, but also interest charges. Debt settlement is the process of coming to an agreement with a lender about how much of your debt you will pay back and when you will pay it. Settling a debt usually only happens when the alternative is that you won’t be able to pay the debt at all. We can help you negotiate the terms of a debt repayment or settlement so that you get the terms that are most favorable to you. We can help you understand how each option will impact your credit report so you can make an informed decision.

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