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Debt Negotiation Services in Caldwell, NJ

Whatever your situation may be, getting a handle on your debt may make you feel helpless. That’s why Increase Your Credit Score, LLC has developed strong debt negotiation services to help you free yourself from the shackles that prevent you from reaching financial freedom.

Debt Negotiation Services

Increase Your Credit Score’s debt negotiation services allows our counselors to work closely with your creditors and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. This practice allows lenders to get paid something for the credit that they extended you while allowing you to find a little wiggle room financially to pay off some of these crippling debts. Once the negotiation process is complete, your counselor will explain to you what you’re responsible for paying each month and how it will affect your overall credit score. For more information on how we can get you on the fast track to financial health, call us today.

Tune Up Service

At Increase Your Credit Score, LLC, our debt negotiation services and credit counseling doesn’t stop once you’ve reached your goal. We offer all of our clients a tune up service that is recommended annually. This is because in a year’s time, things change. Our tune-up service gives your counselor an opportunity to review your credit report.

They will be able to measure whether or not the debt-to-ratio number is remaining low, that creditors are moving things off of the report in a timely manner, and that your life events don’t drastically change all of your hard work. We will offer suggestions on how to maintain a good credit score and what actions you could take in order to maintain a financially stable environment. For more information, contact us today.

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